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released July 8, 2011

recorded and produced by Ali Walker



all rights reserved


Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Meet Me By The Fountain
rent a car, buy a tux, pick up chocs, ring in a box, set a date, set a time, on this night, make her mine, meet me by the fountain, let me take you out now, meet me buy the fountain, let me show you good times, come with me, lets go out now
Track Name: Buy Her Flowers
buy her flowers, make sure they're nice, not from a forecourt, put them in water, flowers, go to a florist, choose them yourself, write her a note, flowers
Track Name: Treat Your Woman Right
treat your woman right (or you will) burn in hell, make her understand you're not the kind of man to let go of her hand when things don't go to plan
Track Name: Spooning Song
spooning so nice, spooning so innocent, like adam and eve before the snake, spooning used to be kissing, now it's a nice cuddle, close together like spoons, nothing could go wrong
Track Name: Never Go Dutch
never go dutch, it means you're poor, because after college, you're not a feminist any more, never go dutch, pay for it all, she'll fall for you, it's like opening the limo door
Track Name: Make Sweet Music
if music be the food of love, play on 'cos i love you darling, let's go dancing cheek to cheek, dance away the hours together, let me sing into your ear, i can serenade you sweetly, babe you know you make my heart sing overtures of love and romance, now my love, lets make sweet music, you and me, all night long, now my love, lets make sweet music, you and me, having sex together
Track Name: Ice Cream Soda (Two Straws)
ice cream soda, two straws, you're so sweet, i can't believe it, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
Track Name: Be My Valentine
when you're close to me, i get butterflies, can't stop thinking about your lovely eyes, from across the room, i can see you, i know you want me to be in your life, be my valentine, keep me company, with me all the time, me and you together, we'd walk hand in hand through a country meadow, stop to smell the flowers, gaze at one another
Track Name: Meet Your Mum
take you out on a date, i'll behave, take you home, meet your mum, candlelight, pour the wine, here's the bill, i will pay, meet your mum, to the flicks, we can see what you like, buy popcorn, meet your mum, on the beach, sea and sand, stretching out your white legs, meet your mum, i like her, she likes me, i'm not like the last one, meet your mum, i'll go down on one knee with a ring, but first i'll meet your mum
Track Name: Courting Song
i want to court you like a lady, i'm old fashioned, i won't get you drunk, i won't disrespect you, i will ask you out, and if you say no, i will respect you and give it time, like a knight in days of old, i'll court you and win your love
Track Name: Roses Are Red
bought my love a red rose, it lets her know i love her, she won't ever leave me, she will always be mine, roses red, violets blue, u 4 me, me 4 u, let's get married in the spring, you're my queen, i'm your king, bought her a blue violet, 'cos i know she'll like it, my love needs the best things, diamonds, pearls and gold rings
Track Name: We All Need Someone
being lonely makes you sad, everybody has a soulmate, don't accept the single lifestyle, get out there and make things happen, we all need someone, someone to love, we all gotta get some, no matter the cost, don't take no for an answer, everybody needs somebody, she just needs to understand quite how much you love her deeply